AsiaOp is a portal aiming at creating a bridge between European and Asian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

From Europe to Asia:

AsiaOpp will focus in a first place on the aeronautical industry and will then develop into the environmental business.
Europe is strong in aeronautics. Airbus, Finmeccanica, Dassault, Zodiac, Saab, long is the list of prestigious names making of aviation one of the most successful export business on Europe. However this big groups rely on a formidable network of SMEs which have developed unique competences.

avionThe air traffic is developing fast in Asia. The record orders from Airbus are just there to show it. However Asia does not only want to buy aircraft. Most countries have or intend to develop local industries (China, India, Indonesia, Japan…) and want to emancipate from the Americano-European hegemony.
Beyond aircraft design, a world of opportunities exist in various fields such as maintenance, retrofit and upgrades, financing, training..
The protection of the environment is also strength of Europe where ecology is real preoccupation of citizens. One may criticize some Asian countries for being huge polluters. But do they have the technology to do otherwise? Europe has its own network of SMEs deeply involved in trying to save the planet, or at least mankind.
But for these SMEs, Asia seem far, unreachable and far too hard to understand.

From Asia to Europe

AsiaOp also wants to help Asian SMEs to develop their business and footprint in Europe. The European Union is the world largest economic bloc. However, getting access to it might prove rather difficult, in view of the large diversities of the countries and the complex regulatins of the Union.

AsiaOp wants to be an interface to bring companies together but also a platform to explain, to demystify, to simplify. Understand the codes of each other, help to mutual understanding, deepen knowledge of the other, of his hopes, of his markets is the reason for AsiaOp.
Henri Stell has created AsiaOpp. Henri has spent most of his long career in Asia or to do business with Asia. As a specialist of aeronautics, he owns a rare knowledge of Asian aviation. Fascinated by cultures, he has always look into the deep roots of the thoughts, of the emotions, of the ambitions, the keys to the commercial successes and sustainable partnerships.

Beyond information available on the website, AsiaOpp offers :
Specific market studies (Asia or Europe)
Training on how to approach Asian or European markets
Searches for local partners and customers
Fact finding missions on the field
Follow-up on local development

Henri is creating a network of advisors to ensure the satisfactory completions of the missions AsiaOp will be entrusted with.

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