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Long shaped the Kingdom of Cambodia, also called Srok Khmer, literally “Country of the Khmer”, is a country in Southeast Asia, with a population of about 15 million.


Official name: Kingdom of Cambodia
Type of government: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Norodom Sihamoni reign since 2004
Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen, took office in November 1998, re-elected by the National Assembly in 2013.


cambodge-mapArea: 181,035 km²
Capital: Phnom Penh (1.5 million inhabitants)
Main cities: Sihanoukville (200 000), Battambang (180 000), Siem Reap (180 000)
Official language: Khmer
Currency: Riel (KHR) and dollar (highly dollarized economy)
National Day: November 9 (anniversary of independence in 1953)

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast situated between Thailand west Asia, Vietnam to the east and north Laos. It has an area of ??181,035 km². In the south, the coast bordering the Gulf of Thailand about 250 km. The Mekong flows through the country on more than 300 km. Tonle Sap Lake is located between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

The climate is tropical with two seasons:
Winter, from November to March, dry season, with temperatures approaching 30 ° summer, from May to October, hot and humid season (monsoon) with heavy rain causing flooding.

In April-May, the heat is sweltering, around 40 °.

The best time for a trip to Cambodia are the months of December and January, which are both dried and fresh.


Population: 15.3 million inhabitants (2014, World Bank)
Density: 85 inhabitants / km2 (2014, DG Treasury)
Population Growth: 1.8% (2014, DG Treasury)
Life expectancy: 71 years (2014, World Bank)
Literacy rate: 74% (2014, World Bank)
Religions: Buddhism (over 90%), Islam (under 5%)
Human Development Index: 136th (2014, UNDP)


GDP: USD 15.3 billion, or 0.6% of ASEAN’s GDP (2014, World Bank)
GDP per capita: 1091 USD (2014, World Bank)
Growth rate: 7% (2014, World Bank); Forecast 2015: 7.2%.
Unemployment rate: 0.3% (2014, World Bank)
Inflation: 3.8% (2014, IMF)
Public deficit: 2.8% (2014, DG Treasury)
Trade Balance: – 2 billion USD (2014, DG Treasury)
Main clients (2014): United States (24.1%), UK (8.7%), Germany (8.1%)
Major suppliers (2014): Vietnam (28.1%), China (20.6%), Thailand (16.8%)
Share of main sectors in GDP (2013)

Agriculture: 32%
Industry: 24%
Services: 38%

Exports from France to Cambodia: € 69 million (2014, DG Treasury)
French imports from Cambodia: € 397 million (2014, DG Treasury)

For more information:

Consular Section in Phnom Penh, honorary consuls in Siem Reap and Sihanoukville
French community in Cambodia: 4661 registered in the consular register (2014)
Cambodian Community in France around 80 000 Cambodians, nearly 14,000 Cambodian nationals.

flexible textile and tourism industry potential
Potential reserves in offshore hydrocarbons (oil and gas)
financial support from bilateral and multilateral donors
Regional integration (ASEAN)

large share of agriculture in GDP; vulnerability to climate hazards
Underdevelopment of the electrical industry and transport networks
skilled labor shortage
Dependence on concessional financing because of the weakness of budgetary revenues
significant shortcomings in terms of governance
high poverty level
Phnom Penh-Buddha-Stup
Phnom Penh Buddha Stup
International Trade :

Exports $ 8.433 billion (2012)
Export products:
Clothing, wood, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco, footwear.
Main export partners
United States 33.0%
United Kingdom 10.3%
Germany 8.2%
China 7.7%
Canada 7.7%
Belgium 6.1% (2013 est.)

Imports $ 8.840 billion (2012)
Import goods:
petroleum products, cigarettes, gold, construction materials, machinery, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals
Main import partners
Thailand 27.2%
China 21.7%
Vietnam 19.3%
Singapore 8.5%
Hong Kong 5.8%
Taiwan 4.6% (2013 est.)
Gross external debt
5071000000 $ (2012)


Good to know


The Riel (ISO 4217: KHR) is the currency of Cambodia. It was established on April 1, 1980, to replace the old Riel after the Vietnamese invasion.  The National Bank of Cambodia manages the Riel.

The US dollar is common currency in Cambodia ever since the UN peacekeeping operation of 1993 and in areas near the Thai border, the Thai Baht is also used.

The Euro to Riel exchange rate converts at 4 547 on May the 30th, 2016




Where to go?

How to settle there?


To do business


Tax system

Taxation in Cambodia ( Source: Tax department of Cambodia )

Personal income tax

Income (Riels) Rate
From 0 to 800 000 0 %
From 800 000 to 1 200 000 5 %
1 250 001 to 8 500 000 10 %
8 500 001 to 12 500 000 15 %
Above 12 500 000 20 %

(12 500 000 Riels = 2700 € Avril 2016)
Corporate Income Tax

Company’s profits are taxed at 20 % except for the profit generated in exploitation of natural resources which are taxed at 30 %.
Certain activities, in particular related to the country development, may be eligible to reduced tax rates.

The VAT fixed rate is 10 %




Custom duties





Armed forces

Air Force

Type En service
BN -2 1
MA 60 2
Y 12 2
AS350 1
AS355 1
Mi 8 5
Z9 9





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