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Located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean to the west (830 km) and the Mediterranean Sea to the south (125 km), Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, his only neighbor. It is a country of mountain, cut in half down the middle by the River Tagus, with vegetation became scarce from north to south.

North, Portugal is mountainous. South the vast plains of the Alentejo region stretch south of Lisbon. The Algarve stretches along the southern coast and knows thanks to its beaches and picturesque bays, an undeniable success throughout Europe.

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The climate is temperate with a hot, dry summer and wet winter.

The population is divided administratively into 18 districts and two autonomous regions, the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, west of mainland Portugal.

The main cities are Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Setubal and Faro.



Type of Government: Unicameral Parliamentary system
President: Mr. Anibal Cavaco Silva
Head of Government: Mr António Costa


Area: 92,201 km²
Capital: Lisbon
Main cities: Lisbon, Porto
Official language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro
National Day: June 10


Population: 12,145,000 inhabitants (2014)
Density: 115.3 inhabitants per km2
Religions: the majority of the population is Catholic but Portugal is a secular state according to the 1976 Constitution.

Portugal’s Economy

GDP: 2014: 174.6 billion euros
GDP per capita: 2014 16 804 euros
Growth rate: 2014: + 1%, forecast 1.6% in 2015
Unemployment rate: 2014: 14.2%, 13.4% forecast in 2015
Inflation rate 0.2% in 2014, 0.1% in 2015 forecast
Public debt: 2014: 128.9% of GDP forecast in 2015 124.5%
Public deficit 2014: -4.6%, -3.2% forecast in 2015
trade deficit of Portugal 2014: – € 10.5 bn,
Bilateral Trade Balance: 2013: € 1063M, 2014: € 981 million (for Portugal)
Exports from France to Portugal: 2012: € 3.6 billion, 2013: € 4 billion, 2014: € 4,1Md
French imports from Portugal 2013: € 5.083 billion, 2014: € 5,056Md

Main clients (2014): France is the second customer in Portugal, Portugal’s 21th customer
Major suppliers (2014): Spain (31.8%), Germany (11.5%), France (7.1%)
Share of main sectors in GDP (2014):

Agriculture: 2.4%
industry: 23%
services: 74.6%

French community in Portugal (2014): 15.025 registered; 15,000 unregistered
Portuguese community in France: about 600,000


Source: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

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