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Taiwan and Taiwan is an island located in East Asia. Southeast of China, south of Japan and north of the Philippines, the independent island (since 1949) Taiwan’s capital of Taipei City. Separated from China by the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan island has an area of 35,000 square kilometers with 370 kilometers long and 140 kilometers wide. The island of Taiwan is divided into 7 cities, 16 counties and 2 territories administered by the central government. mountainous island culminating in the mountain Yushan (Jade Mountain) which rises to 3952 meters, Taiwan has more than 23 million people. The island of Taiwan has a tropical climate in the south and a humid subtropical climate in the north. Under the influence of typhoons in spring and autumn and frequent summer rains, Taiwan has distinct seasons summer from June to August and winter from December to February.


Official name :
Type of government: Republic with semi-presidential system
Head of State: Ma Ying-jeou


taiwan-mapArea: 36,000 km2
Capital: Taipei 2654422 hab
Main cities: Gaosyong: 1535796 h Taijhong: 1110070, Tainan 788 008 Banqiao Taoyuan, Chungho, Xinzhuang, Sinjhu, Jilong.

Official languages: Chinese (official), Taiwanese, Hakka dialects.
Currency: Taiwan dollar
National Day: June 12
TAIWAN, formerly known as “FORMOSA” Portuguese “Ilha Formosa”, “Beautiful Island”
It is separated from the mainland by a shallow strait, wide 160 kilometers on average and is located on the volcanic and seismic Circum circle, halfway between the Philippines and the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa.


Population: 23,415,126 inhabitants
Density: 650 people per km2
Distribution: average 39,7ans; 14% -14% + 12.5 years and 64 years
Population growth: 7 65%
Life expectancy (2015): 79 years
Literacy rate: 96.9%
Religion: 90% of Taiwanese Buddhist practice
Human Development Index: 0.868 (18)
KAOHSIUNG Taiwan High Speed Rail


GDP (2014): $ 505.5 billion U.S.
GDP per capita (2013): US $ 22,600
GDP per capita (PPP): 41 539 $ 2 (21e)
GDP growth rate (2014): 3.5%
Unemployment rate (2014): 4%
Inflation rate (average 2014): 1.2%
Budget balance (2013)
Trade balance (2013) +

Main customers (2013))

Major suppliers (2013)
Share of main sectors in GDP:

Agriculture :
Services :

Exports from France to:

French imports from Taiwan

Main income sources

most urbanized region, the capital, had nearly 3 million inhabitants in 2002. It is the seat of government and the National Assembly. Taipei has a special municipality administered directly under the central government. It is not part of the Taipei District, administered as Taiwan Province. It was founded in the 18th century by immigrants from Fujian (China). It undergoes the Japanese administration between 1895 and 1945 and Chiang Kai-shek moved there with his followers in 1949 and Taipei became the stronghold of the first democratic election nationalistes.La date of 1994 for the mayoral election.
It is the administrative, cultural and industrial center of île.Les biggest industries produce electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, chemicals, textiles …


robust external financial position
Support for R & D by government spending
Consensus on the democratic gains
4th electronics producer in the world
Improved relations with mainland China

Weak points

Trade too focused on Mainland China and the US
massive relocations weakening industrial employment
service sector competitiveness Lack
Delay in infrastructure compared to other advanced Asian economies

International Trade
– With France
With Europe
Barriers to entry


Good to know


The New Taiwan Dollar (ISO 4217: TWD) is the currency of Taiwan. Its establishment dates back to 1949 in order to replace the Old Taiwan dollar; however, up until 2000 the silver yuan remained the common currency. The Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) issues and controls the New Taiwan dollar.

The Euro to New Taiwan dollar exchange rate converts at 36.3 on May the 30th, 2016.



Where to go?

How to settle there?


To do business

Tax system




Custom duties






Armed forces

Air Force

Type In service On order
F/RF 5E 23
F 16A 115
F CK 1 A/D 102
Mirage 2000 -5 47
Specialized missions
Beech 1900 (Calibration) 2
C 130 H W 1
E2K (AEW) 6
P3C (MPA) 8
S2 (MPA) 11
C27J 6 planned
C130H 19
H225 3
S70/UH60A 13
AT 3 49
F 5F 25
F 16B 28
F CK 1 B/D 25
Mirage 2000-5 9
T 34 37


Type In service On order
AH 1W 62
AH 64E 29
CH 47D 8
OH 58 38
S 70 8


Type In service On order
MD500 8
S70/MH60R 18 10 planned

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