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Thailand (officially the Kingdom of Thailand: ราช อาณาจักร ไทย) is a country of Southeast Asia. The country is borFromred by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand and shares a borFromr with Myanmar to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the south-east and Malaysia to the south. With its tropical climate, a rich culture, beaches and a varied diet, Thailand is a popular Fromstination in this part of the world. This is an exotic but safe and very well equipped for tourists. There is something for every budget and every taste: the bungalow backpacker beachfront to the most luxurious hotels in the world. And Fromspite the large number of tourists, the Thailand retains its iFromntity and culture so characteristic intact. Many travelers come to Thailand and end up staying there.


Official name: Kingdom of Thailand
Type of government: monarchy, military regime
Head of State: Bhumibol AdulyaFromj (Rama IX), reign since 1946
Prime Minister: General Prayuth ChanOCHA


Carte de la Thaïlande
Carte From la ThaïlanFrom

Area: 513,120 km2
Capital: Bangkok (8.2 million inhabitants)
Main cities: Chiang Mai (city of almost a million inhabitants), Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) (146 000), Udon Thani (143 000), Hat Yai (157 000), Pattaya (105 000 ).
Official language: Thai
Currency: Baht
National Day: Fromcember 5 (King’s birthday)

In substantially area the size of France, Thailand is located at the crossroads between Indochina and the East Indies, and stretches nearly 1770 km long. Its greatest width from east to west is 805 km, but is reduced to 50 km height of the Kra isthmus between the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea. It is neighboring Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma. Its climate is tropical and humid. Overall, the thermal amplituFrom is low. The monthly average temperature in Bangkok vary between 31 and 35 ° C over the year. The time difference with France is 5 hours (6 hours in winter).

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country of the South is limited to West Asia by Myanmar (formerly Burma), in the northeast by Laos, south-east by Cambodia and South by Malaysia. The territory is centered on the vast plain of Menam, open to the south on the Gulf of Thailand. It is borFromred to the east by the Mekong to the sandstone plateau of Korat and west by a set of low mountain ranges (2595 meters Doi Inthanon), which extend south into the Malay Peninsula.


Population: 67.2 million inhabitants (2014, World Bank)
Density: 135 inhabitants / km2 (2010, World Bank)
Population Growth: 0.35% (2013, DG Treasury)
Life expectancy: 74 years (2012, World Bank)
Literacy rate: 94% (2013, DG Treasury)
Religions: Buddhism (over 90%), Islam (5%), Christianity, shamanism, Hinduism
Human Fromvelopment InFromx: 89th place (2014, UNDP)


GDP: 401 billion USD (2013, DG Treasury)
GDP per capita: 5879 USD (2013, DG Treasury)
Growth Rate: 3.1% in 2013 (DG Treasury), 0.7% in 2014 (World Bank)
Unemployment rate: 0.7% (2011, World Bank)
Inflation: 2.2% (2013, DG Treasury)
Public Fromficit: 2.2% (2012, World Bank)
TraFrom Balance: – USD 2.7 billion (2013, World Bank)

Bangkok, ThaïlanFrom

Major customers: China (11.9%), USA (10%), Japan (9.7%)
Main suppliers: Japan (16.4), China (15%), UAE (6.9%)

Share of main sectors in GDP (2013, DG Treasury):

agriculture: 12%
industry: 44%
services: 44%

Exports from France to Thailand: € 1.4 billion (2014, DG Treasury)
French imports from Thailand: € 2.3 billion (2014, DG Treasury)
Fromficit: € 0.9 billion (2014, DG Treasury)
French market share in Thailand: 1.7% (2013, DG Treasury)

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Good to know


The Baht (ISO 4217: THB) is the currency of Thailand. The Bank of Thailand issues and controls the Baht. At the end of World War II, Thailand pegged the Baht to the US dollar. Because of the 1997 Asian crisis and the credit bubble in Thailand, Thailand moved to a floating exchange rate regime and the Baht sharply lost value. It fell from 25 to 56 Baht per dollar between July 1997 and January 1998. It has since appreciated against the dollar. In 2014, the Thai baht ranked as the tenth most frequently used world payment currency.

The Euro to Baht exchange rate converts at 39.8 on May the 30th, 2016.



Where to go?

How to settle there?


To do business


Tax system

Personal income

Thaïland applies the following progressive scheme:

Annual taxable income (THB) Rate (%)
From 0 to 150,000 0
From 150,000 to 300,000 5
From 300,000 to 500,000 10
From 500,000 to 750,000 15
From 750,000 to 1,000,000 20
From 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 25
From 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 30
Above 4,000,000 35

(4,000,000 THB = 100,700 € – May 2016)

Corporate Income Tax

The corporate income tax  rate is 20 %. However rates may vary depending on the type of the taxpayer.

Taxpayer Tax base Rate (%)
 Small company
(capital < 5,000,000 THB)
Net profit between 300,000 and 3,000,000 THB

Net profit > 3,000,000 THB



 Companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)  Net profit  20
Companies listed on the Maket for Alternative Investment (MAI) Net profit  20
 Banks deriving profits from International Banking facilities (IBF) Net profit  10
Foreign companies engaged in international transportation Gross receipts  3
Foreign company not carrying on business in Thailand receiving dividends from Thailand Gross receipts  10
Foreign company not carrying on business in Thailand receiving other types of income apart from dividend from Thailand Gross receipts  15


Thailand applies a VAT of 7 %.

(Source : Thai tax department:





Armed forces

Air Force

Type In service On order
Alpha Jet 19
F 5E 30
F 16A 38
Gripen C 8
Specialized missions
DA 42 (Recce) 5
P180 (Recce) 1
Saab 340 (AEW) 2
Arava 2
BT 67 6
C130H 12
HS 748 5
King air 90 1
Learjet 35 1
Nomad 22 14
Saab 340 2
B412 8
H225M 4 2
UH 1H 17
 DA 42 6
F 5B/F 4
F 16B 15
Gripne D 4
L 39 35
PC 9 23
T 50 4


Type In service On order
C212 2
King Air 200 2
AH 1 F 7
AW139 2 8
B206 20
B212 51
CH47 6
H125M 8
H145M 6
Mi 17 3 2
S70/UH60 10 2
UH 1H 79
Enstrom 480 16
R44 1
Schweizer 269 44



Type In service On order
Specialized missions
CL 215 (Fire fighting) 1
Dornier 228 (MPA) 7
F 27 (MPA) 2
F27 2
Nomad 24 3
B212 7
B214 2
H145M 5
S70/MH60 8
S76 4
Super Lynx 110 2





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